FEIT Pumps

With over five decades of expertise, Feit is dedicated to addressing fluid displacement challenges across marine sectors and nautical applications.

The AM SERIES automatic liquid handling autoclaves are pumping and lifting groups with pressure tanks, suitable for installation on vessels of all types and sizes, and have the purpose of supplying water under pressure to the various sources of use, showers, taps, boilers, etc.

They are composed of a self-priming diaphragm electric pump, which sucks the water from the storage tank or from the well, and the pressure switch which regulates the intervention and disconnection of the pump, as well as the optional pressure tank, which stores the reserve. to water, and then distribute it when you open a tap.

Any additional tanks can be mounted on the distribution (delivery) pipes to increase the water supply and thus allow fewer pump interventions.


Guide Price £835

Body Bronze
Impeller Bronze
Diffuser Bronze
230 V A.C. 1 Ph, 230/400 V A.C.3Ph.
TANK 24 Litres 

(stainless steel on request)

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Guide Price £734

Body Bronze
Impeller Bronze
Diffuser Bronze
Shaft 316 STAINLESS STEEL Mechnical Seal
AC 230/400T. O 230 M
TANK 24 Liters

(stainless steel on request)

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FEIT Overview

FEIT Pompe autoclaves offer a versatile range with centrifugal and diaphragm electric pumps for different flow rates and operating pressures.  The QDCE series features electronic control for 12 or 24 Volt DC motors, ensuring constant pressure while optimizing electricity usage. The system monitors water presence, current, voltage, and motor temperature, potentially eliminating the need for an expansion tank.SP12 and SP24 series autoclaves use an electronic pressure switch with flow control to prevent dry running, eliminating "water hammer" with a "delayed stop" logic.  Traditional autoclaves with electromechanical pressure switches maintain pressure within set limits using a switch-expansion vessel system, preventing "water hammer" and ensuring a steady volume of pressurized water.

FEIT product Overview
Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is accurate as of the date of publication, however the details and pricing of the offerings listed herein remain subject to change at any time. Please refer to the data sheets for the latest and most up to date product information.

WEEE regulations

Registration Number (PRN): WEE/JB4178SQ
Under WEEE regulations, Charles Cleghorn Limited is liable to cover the recycling costs of obligated WEEE, and you as the final user to cover the collection and delivery cost from your site to the treatment facility.  This will only affect you when the time comes for you to discard the unit(s), at which point you will need to contact us to action the correct procedure.

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