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0625-E50 (Power unit from Morclean)

guide price £8,190
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With CaviDyne LLC's diver gun, the 0625 model is light and easy to handle on its trolley mount. This smaller machine is normally used on in-shore applications such as dock-gate hinges, sluices, grids etc.

1222-E60 (Power unit from Morclean)

guide price £16,525
Morclean data  CaviBlaster website 

With CaviDyne LLC's diver gun or ROV lance, the 1222 series CaviBlaster machine is the most widely used model in the UK. It can be supplied skid or trolley mounted. Most offshore applications are down to approx. 30m depth but there is still a useful pattern from the cavitating plume down to 50m, although at a reduced work-rate.

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WEEE regulations

Registration Number (PRN): WEE/JB4178SQ
Under WEEE regulations, Charles Cleghorn Limited is liable to cover the recycling costs of obligated WEEE, and you as the final user to cover the collection and delivery cost from your site to the treatment facility.  This will only affect you when the time comes for you to discard the unit(s), at which point you will need to contact us to action the correct procedure.

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