CaviBlaster Cleans Faster!

Charles Cleghorn Ltd are the UK distributor for CaviDyne LLC, the company that designs and manufactures the CaviBlaster range of underwater cleaning equipment. The key attribute of the products is the CaviBlaster proprietary super cavitating nozzle. The cavitation plume produced by these nozzles has been demonstrated to remove marine fouling in a quarter of the time taken by a standard high pressure jet blaster nozzle for the same power input to the pumping system. The cavitation plume will not cause any damage to the surface being cleaned, and minimises any risk to the operator. See more at

CCLtd supply CE compliant versions of the CaviBlaster range.  The machines are suitable for both diver and ROV operations, from work class to suitcase sizes. The forward thrust of the ROV nozzles can be balanced to ensure full controllability of small ROVs.

CCLtd are working in partnership with J2 Subsea to deliver the benefits of CaviBlaster technology to the ROV sector.