The ‘FP’ seawater pumps have come to be known particularly in Ireland as ‘Cleghorn’ pumps, an accolade entirely in keeping with the level of commitment behind the brand.

With wetted components such as pump body and impeller in bronze, the pumps are purpose-designed for the commercial sea-fishing industry and can be supplied as close-coupled electric, hydraulic and bare shaft units.

Clutches, manual or 24v magnetic type can be supplied for engine driven models. Widely used for bilge/deckwash, engine cooling, vivier circulation and fire duties, these robust and long lasting pumps are complemented by the JABSCO range of flexible impeller pumps, again backed by some 45 years of Charles Cleghorn’s direct experience with the line.

Recent developments have expanded the range of models now offered in 24v motorised form.  These cover self-priming units of up to 1 1/2″ bore, with pressure capability to a maximum of over 3 bar, and max flow to 18 cu.m/hr (300 lit/min).  Further development is with in-line clutches for engine-driven seawater pumps, where uneconomic space and service requirements for belt-driven units are designed out of modern pto arrangements.